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Imagine yourself in a couple of months . . . in your first final exam.

The pressure is on.

You've work harder than you ever have.

But you turn over the exam, and you begin to sweat.


You sweat bullets and hear your heart pounding in your ears in class just praying your prof doesn't call on you this time.

You are a nervous bundle of anxiety and emotion -- and what's worse, you're SURE other students absolutely know what they're doing.

And you'd HATE to look stupid in front of one of the smartest collections of students you've ever seen.

OK, hold on.

First, you'd be crazy NOT to feel what you're feeling right now.

You feel overwhelmed and confused and you've never worked so hard in your LIFE.

Your professor won't tell you what the game is and SEEMS TO LOVE TORTURING YOU.

Also, in the back of your mind, is some subtle math.

You paid $250,000 in loans . . . for the pleasure of being humiliated in class.

EVEN AFTER spending countless hours carefully doing the reading.

You're working harder than you ever have . . . and your payoff so far seems to be humiliation, maybe mediocre grades and joblessness.  (At worst.).

You can't work any harder than you already are, you think you yourself.

So what do you do?

* * *

Well, first, recognize the enemy.

Law school is different.

Really different.

You know this now that you've started law school.

You tried doing research.

And so many people have so many contradictory opinions on how to succeed in law school.

"Brief cases!  Don't brief cases!  Buy canned case briefs!  Don't!  Outline early!  Outline late!  Take practice exams now!  Wait until the end!  Don't use commercial outlines!"

So how do you figure out who is right?

Oh, no biggie.  If you don't figure it out, you'll just have wasted 3 years and $250,000 in loans to watch your legal career go down the drain.

So .  .  . you don't want that.

You had a dream, and you're losing sight of it.

You just want a CLEAR and PROVEN way out of this mess.

Well, in Douglas Adams’ immortal words: DON’T PANIC!

Let’s work through this problem together.

Something does not add up here.

How can smart, hard-working people feel like they're struggling AND get crappy grades?

Once we understand that, we are half way to a solution.

Here is the problem:  Law School Is A Bait and Switch.

Let’s look at one of the quotes from a panicked law student:

"I feel that professors do not tell you what they are looking for until after they grade your work."

Well, what is it that they want you to do during the semester?

Many professors ask you to:

  • Do the reading to prepare for class.
  • Brief cases.
  • Be prepared to be called on in class. OR FACE UTTER AND COMPLETE RIDICULE A LA THE PAPER CHASE.
  • But even if you’re prepared your professor may MOCK YOU TO YOUR FACE.

You’re asked about the tiniest, stupidest details in cases.

So you frantically read cases and brief and study to avoid looking stupid in class.

You hate looking stupid in class.

But then as the fall turns into winter, the professors tells you: Hey, maybe you should outline and take some practice exams.

You get passed a second-hand outline and have no idea why it is what it is. So you basically condense your notes and try to copy other old outlines.

And you take some practice exams.

They make no sense to you.

You stay up late nights before your finals. Too much Red Bull and coffee. You frantically re-read your outline, your books and old exams.

You still feel lost.

You go to sleep, wake up and walk to class. You sit down.

You open your first real exam and this is the first page of 6 pages of craziness:

real exam

(That was a real exam that my students took when I was a teaching assistant in law school.)



How do I answer that?

People around you just start typing.

Type type type type type type.

So you begin to type and freak out more – what do they know that you don’t that they are typing already one minute after you start?

You read the exam and type again.

You flip your outline. You sweat more.

One hour passes. Just two left.

Everyone is still typing. So you start typing half-hearted answers. You curse because each of your answers seems stupid.

One hour left. You’ve barely answered the first question and there are two more. So you begin typing quickly. You see claims or defenses; you don’t know if what you’ve written is right, but you are running out of time.

Suddenly the proctor calls five minutes left.

You type even faster.

Your palms sweat.


You stand up. You gather your computer and papers, pack up and stagger back to your room.

What just happened?

What the f--- just happened?

You go home for Christmas. Weeks later you check your grades online only to get straight Bs, putting you in the middle of your class.



The crux of the matter: If you do exactly what you're told, you are dead meat.

When you went to college, the recipe to get an A was to work very hard doing what your professor asked you to do.

But when you go to law school, that is the recipe for getting straight Bs.

In other words, law school is a bait and switch.

And what’s worse, your final exam is 100% of your grade.

And you never get feedback until it is too late.

*   *   *

So what do I do instead?

(And who the hell are you, Larry Law Law?)

Before you hear the solution, you might be asking, “Why should I listen to you?”

Fair enough.

I am Larry Law Law (formerly known as Mansfield J Park, Larry the Law Tutor or the Law School Hacker).

This is me (I'm shy...):

2015-07-09 18.43.57

(Imagine me saying "I am Larry Law Law" in the Christian Bale as Batman voice.)

No, sorry, this is really me:

Larry Law Law photo

And I've been featured on some other law school websites and groups you may have heard of:

As seen on:


And I give law students PROVEN advice on how to succeed and get the awesome jobs they dreamed of when they applied to law school.

So here is why you should listen to me despite my odd pictures and weird sense of humor:

First, I was a top law student myself.

I graduated from NYU Law magna cum laude and Order of the Coif (top 10%), and a member of the Executive Board on NYU Law Review.

Law Review

I was a top lawyer, not just a top student.

In 2012 and 2013, I was named a Rising Star in New York Superlawyers, a magazine that tracks the top 2.5% of lawyers in New York City in 2012 and 2013.

superlawyer picture

I was a top lawyer at a top law firm.

I worked at Debevoise & Plimpton, The #1 Law Firm according to one set of measures by American Lawyer over the last 10 years (To be honest I do not think of Debevoise as the best law firm in the country, but it is an excellent law firm). While at Debevoise, I won the very first Cyrus Vance Access to Justice Award (an award which has gone to much more important people than me):Cyrus Vance picture

Most importantly I coached top law students at top schools to get stellar grades

For some years, on the side, I tutored law school students at Harvard, Texas, Columbia, NYU and other schools. (Mansfield Park was my pseudonym for some time).WyzAnt Picture

University Tutor Picture

LET ME REPEAT:  My students get As.

Check out my students’ results.  They are top law students at top law schools.

Here's one from University of Texas (this lawyer is now at Cravath, Swain & Moore):

U Texas transcript

Or how about this one from University of Utah:

Utah JD 2018

Utah JD 2018 transcript

Or this email from a Columbia Law Student:

Columbia JD 2018 (2)

Or this NYU Law Student (who got an A+ in Civ Pro from no less than the master of civ pro Arthur Miller):

NYU JD 2018

I used to tutor law students directly, one on one.

I love to help students succeed.

I hate the way law school is taught.

I GET LAW STUDENTS RESULTS BECAUSE I TEACH TO THE TEST (and how NOT to be fooled by the "hide the ball" game law schools play with you.)

Professors test you on issue-spotting, but here's the thing:  they never teach you how to issue-spot.

And you have no opportunity for feedback. You will never learn from your mistakes because your professor likely will never tell you what you did wrong.

You will never get a marked-up exam. The only thing you get back is your grade.

This course does exactly what a professor should do: Give you a chance to practice, make mistakes and learn from them before your real exams.

I don't tutor students anymore.

I have a day job I love. And a family I love.

They take time.

Also, even if I had all the time in the world, as I tutor, I could not reach everyone personally.

Even if I spent every waking hour tutoring, I couldn’t help everyone I wanted.

I have a life, and tutoring was beginning to fill all of my extra hours.

So I decided I had to create this online course to help as many law students as I could.

Now, back to you.

What do you need?

Well, let's start with what you don't need.

You DON'T need generic advice: “Study hard.” "Listen in class." “Read all the cases.” “Eat breakfast the morning of the exam.”

(You should do that, but, duh.)

You DO need super-specific advice that has worked for other students and is going to work for you.

And you need not just the what to do, but how to do what you need to do to success.

Real, nitty-gritty how.

You’re smart. (Otherwise you wouldn’t have gotten into law school). You work hard. You’ve always known what to do. (Before law school, anyway.) But now, for the first time, you are (understandably) a bit unsure on what you have to do to get good grades.

What if there were a straightforward, proven, battle-tested guide on how to study law the right way?

A guide with specific, step-by-step tactics?

A specific set of step-by-step tactics on how to study law and for preparing for and excelling on your law school exams?

I would have really have loved to have something like this on how to study law when I started as a law student. I would have loved knowing that there were specific, battle-tested tested tactics on doing well in law school.

A real system to study law.

Introducing a proven , battle-tested system to get top grades in law school

I am inviting you to join KICK THE CRAP OUT OF LAW SCHOOL (KTCOOLS).

I developed this system through trial and error tutoring law students.

I was a very good law student, but it was not until I really tutored law students that I really understood consciously how to do well in law school.

The program I have put together for your reflects years of experience working with real law students on law schools exam and learning to help them focus on the things that really matter.


$29 /month x 12 months
  • (Or save 17% with one-time payment of $297!)
  • PRIME is for . . .
  • . . . self-motivated students who want to slay law school on a budget, using proven materials
  • With PRIME, you get . . .
  • . . . 50+ unique video and text lessons on law school success
  • . . . 50+ practice hypos/exams for all 1L subjects (with all-important self-assessments, offered by no one else)
  • (Sorry! No Exam Bank!)
  • (Sorry! No Office Hours!)
  • (Sorry! No Recordings!)


$39 /month x 12 months
  • (Or save 17% with one-time payment of $397!)
  • TOTAL is for . . .
  • . . . motivated students who want more hard core practice and more direct access to Larry
  • With TOTAL, you get . . .
  • . . . 50+ unique video and text lessons on law school success
  • . . . 50+ practice hypos/exams for all 1L subjects (with all-important self-assessments, offered by no one else)
  • Access to full exam bank
  • Video chat office hours
  • Recordings of office hours

What’s in this course?

This is a screenshot of what is waiting for your right now -- the main page of the course.

This premium online course provides a mix of video and written lessons.

But it is not passive.

You must work.

There are exercises, especially in Module 3, where you will write out written answers to issue-spotting exercises, so that you develop the specific skill that will get you As in law school.

I will give you the tools you need to assess your r own performance so you can become better, faster and stronger!!!

My job is to help you help yourself.

Now, at a high level, here is the overall structure of the course: (Guaranteed, this will change later, but this is it for now).

Main page 1Main Page 2

As you can see there are 6 main MODULES:


  • Includes 20 lessons (several hours of material) on a general strategy for approaching law school.  Basically I advocate focusing on 3 major areas:  mastering the law, mastering issue spotting, and mastering your professor.  This strategy is connected to the specific things in law school that drive success (your grades, which are based on your final exams, which are based on your ability to master the three things I just mentioned).
  • Since the final exam is all-important, we begin with a discussion of that and just what a strange thing it is.
  • Meanwhile, we provide specific tactics and, more importantly, the deep psychology of law school.  Despite final exams being the only thing that mattered, law school piles on a lot of other work that gets in the way.  I give you super-specific tactics on how to avoid the huge TIME SUCKS that do not matter for your final grades.
  • Now, if you go through this module alone and apply these tactics to your law school life -- I mean more than just reading them, actually apply them to your law school life -- you will be ahead of the vast majority of your law school classmates and feel much better about law school.
  • Here is a preview of MODULE 1:

Module 1 TopModule 1 Bottom


  • Includes 10 separate lessons on how to "pre-study" the law, how to read and think about cases, and how to outline (and why you should start at the beginning of the semester, not the end).
  • Includes resources to help you self-study the law (my old outlines), including videos on tricky parts of each 1L subject:  criminal law, torts, contracts, civil procedure, and property.  (Con law and legislation/regulation will be coming soon).
  • Here is a sample of a video lesson from Master the Law (an explanation of a doctrine in property law):


  • Includes 20 separate written and video lessons providing super-specific exam tactics, including how to actually apply IRAC.
  • This is the nitty gritty.  You want and need tactics that you can't find anywhere else.  They are here.
  • Here is a preview of the main lessons in MODULE 3:

Module 3 top

MODULE 3 Bottom

Modules 3a to 3f: HYPOS

  • These are applications of MODULE 3, but they are the beating heart of this program.  You take the tactics that you read about in MODULE 3, and APPLY THEM in specific exercises for specifc classes for your 1st year in law school in sub-modules on
    • criminal law (3a)
    • torts (3b)
    • contracts (3c)
    • civil procedure (3d)
    • property (3e) and
    • constitutional law (3f).
  • This section, in my mind, is the beating heart of the course.  You will get a lot of value out of the other Modules.  But if you skip this one, you really risk not .  Let me put this another way:  my students who worked diligently through these exercises are the ones who excelled at the highest levels at top law schools:  I am talking top-of-the-class students at Harvard, Berkeley, Stanford, Chicago, Texas, etc., etc., etc
  • NO OTHER COURSE that I know of provides this many hypotheticals and mini-exams, AND self-assessment tools
  • I will be adding more hypos to these units.  Admin or legislation/regulation - a staple of many first year programs -- will come later in the future.
  • Below are previews of 3a (criminal law) and 3c (contracts law).  Notice that each subject has more than 10 issue spotting exercises (hypos) for you to work through and include "debriefs":

Module 3a

Module 3c Contracts

And here is an example of a hypo exam:

Doctor Who 1

Doctor Who 2

Doctor Who 3

And the here is an example of a self-scoring sheet (it's called a quiz, but it's not.  I include only the first 12 answers here):

Charlie Brown self-scoring 1

Charlie Brown self-scoring 2

And here is a video analysis of a real student answer (I don't have these or model student answers for every exam yet, but we're getting there):


  • Includes specific tactics on how to prepare an outline for your 1L classes (and more importantly, why you should do so).
  • Includes specific tips on what not to do, and how to organize material to maximize your chances of exam success.


  • Includes specific tips on reading your professor, different kinds of professorial styles.
  • This section is super psychological, and it is the last step between and A- and an A.  Most of the work is in mastering the law and mastering issue spotting.  You should be able to get at least decent grades with those two skills alone (a lot of B+s and A-s, and occasional As).  But this part separates the A-s from the As.
  • Think of this as how to run fast in the last part of the marathon.
  • Here is a sample video from this section, which I am still building out:


  • Includes specific tips on how to prepare the month before your final exams.
  • Includes how to approach taking your professor's practice exams.
  • Here is a sample video from this section, which I am still building out:


$29 /month x 12 months
  • (Or save 17% with one-time payment of $297!)
  • PRIME is for . . .
  • . . . self-motivated students who want to slay law school on a budget, using proven materials
  • With PRIME, you get . . .
  • . . . 50+ unique video and text lessons on law school success
  • . . . 50+ practice hypos/exams for all 1L subjects (with all-important self-assessments, offered by no one else)
  • (Sorry! No Exam Bank!)
  • (Sorry! No Office Hours!)
  • (Sorry! No Recordings!)


$39 /month x 12 months
  • (Or save 17% with one-time payment of $397!)
  • TOTAL is for . . .
  • . . . motivated students who want more hard core practice and more direct access to Larry
  • With TOTAL, you get . . .
  • . . . 50+ unique video and text lessons on law school success
  • . . . 50+ practice hypos/exams for all 1L subjects (with all-important self-assessments, offered by no one else)
  • Access to full exam bank
  • Video chat office hours
  • Recordings of office hours


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Does this really work?

A: Yes. Mostly I have noticed that students who do the work -- those who get the A.  See my testimonials above.  Those are real transcripts from real students.

Q: OK, what if I try it and don’t love it?

A: You can test drive the course. If you don’t like it, just cancel within 60 days of your payment, and we’ll refund your money. No worries, no hard feelings.

Let me say again:  If you do not like the course, I offer a no-fuss, 60-day, 100% money back guarantee.

I think you will find that my step-by-step tips on how to study law are unique and helpful, that the hypos and self-assessment will help you apply these techniques.

You will find that getting access to this structured system is worth not just the modest price (remember, so-called law prep courses start at several thousand dollars), but also your time and attention.

Again, if you don’t agree, you can cancel within 60 days of purchasing the course for a full money-back guarantee. No worries at all.

By the way, if you stick around, you will have access to new materials I create. You will have access to any new materials I add to existing modules, as well as advanced and bonus material that I throw in down the line, and to the goodies and bonuses I add later to stack value and make the course even better. It’s my goal to make sure there’s always valuable new material for you to enjoy during your law school journey (and after).

Q: What makes KTCOOLS better than Law Preview or other courses?

A: Other programs buy into the professor’s view of things. It is professors teaching the course and they lack perspective, funny enough, on how to do well on exams. They tend to provide you “previews” of substantive areas as well. But they spend very little time on exam-specific tactics and don’t give you comprehensive practice doing issue spotting. Law Preview, in particular, spends much more time trying to teach you substantive law and very little on exam tactics, much less actually making your practice your issue spotting exam skills.

Q: Can you guarantee that I will get As?

A: No. Seriously, if you want some sort of guarantee of As with metaphysical certainty, this course is not for you.  I give you a 60 day 100% money back guarantee if you don't like the course.  But anyone who tells you they can "guarantee" you, with 100% certainty, that you will get straight As is lying.

I can tell you that the techniques you will learn in KTCOOLS are battle-tested and have resulted in students at the best law schools getting top grades. The difference is you. You need to work hard. And you need to be creative on your own. But I give you all the tools you need to do well. In my experience, if you follow the system, you are very, very likely to do as well as you need to get the legal career of your dreams.  But you have to follow the system.

Q: Do I really need to study over the summer? Do I really need this?

A: What do you think?  Are you really going to listen to anonymous 2Ls on Reddit or Top Law Schools who claim preparing the summer before is a "waste of time," that they did "just fine" without preparing, and that you should just enjoy yourself before law school starts?

So many responses to this.  First, did those 2Ls who claimed summer prep was a waste of time get As in law school?  What does it mean that they did "just fine"?

Second, while preparing in the wrong way might be a waste of time (reading Law School Confidential, reading casebooks, etc.), KTCOOLS offers a structured system that prepares in the precise ways that worked for hundreds of top law students at top law schools.

Third, frankly, you don't have to kill your summer.  Why are people so binary, so either/or?  Why can't you do a little bit of prep over the summer AND have a fun summer?  Will it utterly ruin your enjoyment of that vacation, that book, that drink, that sex, that video game if you look at any academic material over the summer?

Will a single hour of academic preparation really be a turd in your summer fun punch bowl?

Conversely, imagine those 2Ls and 3Ls on Reddit and Top Law Schools who did "just fine" by not "wasting their time" by preparing over the summer.  If having to do a little bit of work over the summer is stressful, can you imagine how stressful it is to be $250,000 in debt and jobless because you were violently allergic to working a little bit over the summer to get ahead in law school?

(I have a theory that some of those alleged 2L commenters who urge people not to prepare over the summer are crazy and immoral 0Ls who are preparing over the summer, like you should, but want to keep the curve easy by discouraging other 0Ls from preparing, too.  I guess these are the mythical students who rip pages out of hornbooks from the library -- as if those hornbooks help anyone, but whatever.)

Do you really want to wait and find out the hard way that summer prep might have made your life easier?  In my experience, the best students started this course over the summer -- they had time to patiently and carefully review the materials here.

Even fall prep (especially early fall) is better than nothing.  Even if the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second best time to plant a tree is right now.

Q: What does KTCOOLS offer that your free Larry Law Law or Law School Hacker materials do not?  You have all ready provided a ton of tips on your site and in your 70-page ebook.

A:  True dat.  I work hard to publish a lot of helpful tips for free because I believe that law school is way too confusing as it is.  KTCOOLS contains even more tips but, most importantly, it is an entire system designed to structure for your preparation and push you to engage in what experts call "deliberate practice."  Unlike most law school prep courses, KTCOOLS provides tons of practice hypos and exams and, unlike any other course, substantial self-assessment materials -- sheets that help you score your own exam, model answers and video analysis by yours truly.  You can self assess your performance at your own pace.  (And, if you buy KTCOOLS Mentor, you can get individualized feedback from me as well).  No other course helps you do this quite this way and surprisingly law schools provide very few resources this way even though practicing exams like this is the one thing that is most important to practice to get As.

Q:  What kind of time commitment is KTCOOLS?  I'm busy working this summer (or: I only saw KTCOOLS after I started law school and am starting in the fall while I am in class). 

A:  I think even if you go slow, 1 to 2 hours per day for 4-8 weeks should be adequate to put you ahead of most of your classmates.

If you start in the summer and are not working, you can get through a lot of the materials faster.  There is a lot of passive material that you can absorb more quickly.

BUT the key for this course is deliberate practice.  1 to 2 hours a day means, in essence, that you do a practice hypo or exam every day.  You will do hard work, but it will be fun (I write crazy hypos to keep you entertained).

What you should not do, in my mind, is use KTCOOLS at the very end of the semester.  You can still get something out of the course even several weeks before your exams.  But KTCOOLS was essentially designed as a prep course (i.e., "preparatory," meaning "I will do a bunch of stuff in advance of an important deadline").

KTCOOLS was not designed as a crash course/lifejacket/panic button/airplane oxygen mask/saran wrap condom.  OK?

The important thing, really, is:  slow and steady wins the race.   If you give yourself some time -- at least 3-4 weeks, even if you are busy with work or law school classes -- you can get a ton of value out of KTCOOLS.

And if you start even earlier, and work steadily, you will built enormous issue-spotting muscles that will allow you to crush your exams like the Hulk crushes . . . anything, basically.

Q: I am in college and haven't taken the LSAT.  Should I buy KTCOOLS now?  Will this help me with law school in advance?

A:  Look, if you are 100% certain you are going to law school, you can buy KTCOOLS now and even maybe save money (historically, I have raised prices every time I have opened the course for sales).

Ideally, you buy the course when you know you are headed to law school, as early as the spring before your 1L year.  You've paid the deposit, or you've gotten into at least one law school, and you know you are going.  I suppose it's even OK if you know, by the numbers (GPA and LSAT), that you are going to get in somewhere, and in your mind it's just a matter of where.  Buy KTCOOLS.

BUT:  Do not buy KTCOOLS if you just have the idea that you want to go to law school.  Do not buy KTCOOLS if you have neither registered for the LSAT nor prepared applications for law school.  If you've taken no concrete steps to head for law school, then do not buy KTCOOLS.

I mention this because some college students, or graduates, have asked me if they can buy KTCOOLS before taking the LSAT or applying for law school.  I mean, this is like buying a saddle before you even know if you're going to buy a horse, no?  At least order the horse in the mail (isn't that how you buy horses) before you buy the saddle.

If you're somewhere in between -- you're taking the LSAT, or you've taken the LSAT once and are retaking it, or you are in the middle of submitting applications -- then go ahead.

(By the way, there is such a thing as buying and working on KTCOOLS clearly too early.  To that one really hyper ambitious high school student who asked if he should buy KTCOOLS:  respect, but patience, dude.  Patience.  Life a little first!)

Q: I have no intention of going to law school, but I want to learn a lot about the law because my job involves the law somehow.  Should I buy KTCOOLS?

A:  You can, but frankly, KTCOOLS is focused on skill-building for law school students.   You can learn about substantive laws this way (I have plenty of materials on this), but that is not the purpose of the course.  I mean, you can use a kettle bell as a hammer or a paper weight, but that's not what it's really for.  It's meant for building muscle.  So is KTCOOLS.  MENTAL MUSCLES.

If you're merely curious about the law with no intention at all of going to law school, buy a book or two.

Q: I am Canadian (or Australian, English, etc.).  Will KTCOOLS help me? 

A:  KTCOOLS was designed with U.S. students in mind, but many Canadian students have purchased KTCOOLS and gotten tremendous value out of it.

There are of course differences between U.S. and Canadian law.  In particular, civil procedure and constitutional law -- laws that reflect relatively recent codification of law by two different countries' legislatures -- are going to be more different.  However, torts, property, contracts and criminal law are reasonably similar given the shared English common law tradition in both the U.S. and Canada.

Here is why my Canadian students do get a tremendous benefit from KTCOOLS:  What is unique about KTCOOLS is not the knowledge or "content" per se, but the skill-building aspect of the course.  KTCOOLS makes you practice the skill of issue-spotting, which is the focus of your final exams in both the U.S. and Canada.  No other online course or book, in the U.S. or Canada, that focuses so specifically on the ability to work on practice exams at your own pace, and be able to assess yourself on those exams, and teach yourself the skills you need to be at the top of your class.
As to other English common law countries -- such as England, Australia, etc -- I am less certain.  You are welcome to buy, but keep in mind that 60 day, 100% money back guarantee.

Okay.  What are you waiting for?

In many years as a lawyer, I learned to give advice that people did not want but had to hear.

That has been useful (sometimes) in my non-lawyer life and sitting down with friends and telling them shit that they did not want to hear.

So here it is:  As your trusted counselor and adviser (I AM NOT GIVING LEGAL ADVICE HERE, I am giving friendly career advice), I really believe it is my job to tell you that it is in your interest to buy this course.

You get ONE SHOT at doing law school right.

You can't go back and re-do it.

You have before you a system -- a tested system based on hard-earned experience that has worked for other students who followed it diligently before you.

This system, in my view, maximizes your chances at doing well in law school.

And doing well in law school NOW can change your future forever.

Doing well in law school can mean the difference between debt and success, a career filled with boredom taking orders, and a career in which you can be .

Law school is not for everyone.  (In fact, I think it is not for most people.)

But if you are truly committed to excellence in your legal career -- buy my course and learn my system.

This is a great value for money.

For the cost of about two hours of individual tutoring, you can get dozens of hours of material, all culled from my one-on-one tutoring program.

(And for a little bit more, you can get even more help, including direct access to me.)

It is like sitting with me for hours AND getting the benefit of my best exam tips and actual commentary I have made on my students practice tests.

I am constantly adding content and features, and as more people join, the more valuable the course is.


Time is short.

Exams are coming up.

Sooner than you think.

You need time to practice issue spotting if you want to really be ahead of the curve.

So plan accordingly, and please don't wait until it is too late!


$29 /month x 12 months
  • (Or save 17% with one-time payment of $297!)
  • PRIME is for . . .
  • . . . self-motivated students who want to slay law school on a budget, using proven materials
  • With PRIME, you get . . .
  • . . . 50+ unique video and text lessons on law school success
  • . . . 50+ practice hypos/exams for all 1L subjects (with all-important self-assessments, offered by no one else)
  • (Sorry! No Exam Bank!)
  • (Sorry! No Office Hours!)
  • (Sorry! No Recordings!)


$39 /month x 12 months
  • (Or save 17% with one-time payment of $397!)
  • TOTAL is for . . .
  • . . . motivated students who want more hard core practice and more direct access to Larry
  • With TOTAL, you get . . .
  • . . . 50+ unique video and text lessons on law school success
  • . . . 50+ practice hypos/exams for all 1L subjects (with all-important self-assessments, offered by no one else)
  • Access to full exam bank
  • Video chat office hours
  • Recordings of office hours

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