Real Student Results & Testimonials

You’re a sharp person and want to know if something is too good to be true, right?

My students — who go to the best law schools in the U.S. (and Canada) get real results: As and top honors.

Each profile below is of a real student who gave real feedback.  The transcripts are real (redacted for identifying information).  While most don’t want their names in public, they are REAL.  Write me if you want to get in touch with these students.

Check them out by law school (look for your law school below).

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Berkeley Law School (formerly Boalt):

  • NOT MY FIRST LANGUAGE (KTCOOLS).  D., Class of 2017 had the second highest grade in her 1L torts class (and honors in her other classes) despite being an immigrant who grew up speaking another language, and only lived in the U.S. for college and law school.  Note that D. spotted her own mistakes in the class she did not do well in, and planned to fix that in the future.  Which is why she D. summered at a Vault Top 10 firm:

Email from Berkeley Law student

Columbia Law School:

  • EARLY BIRD (KTCOOLS).  Anonymous, Class of 2018, got solid grades at a tough law school by following the KTCOOLS strategy early:

Columbia JD 2018 (2)

Harvard Law School (HLS):

  • AHEAD OF THE GAME (TUTORING).  Anonymous, Class of 2015 worked with me the summer before heading for law school and got straight honors at HLS.  Anonymous clerked for a Federal District Judge, and is headed to a Vault Top 3 law firm.  Hear him now:”Larry is a fantastic law school tutor. He is a master of the law school exam, and his feedback is spot on. He sends back his feedback quickly, and he points out all your weaknesses and shows you how to fix them. At first I was skeptical that a tutor could really help with law school, but I turned out to be wrong. I wanted to get a leg up and learn how to get good grades in law school from the first semester, and Larry helped me do that. Going into law school exams blind is a mistake, and Larry is the person you should turn to for help. His advice is better than anything else you’ll get.” (emphasis added).

New York University School of Law (NYU Law):

  • THE AVENGER (KTCOOLS):  D, Class of 2018 absolutely killed it civil procedure (A+ from civ pro god Arthur Miller, which means he was likely the single best student in that class), and “avenged” my own B+ in 1L torts from Eleanor Fox, with an A.  Hear it from him:

NYU JD 2018


University of Texas School of Law:

  • THE MASTER.  R, Class of 2015 had a first-semester transcript that looked like this:  A, A, A-, and A.  R clerked is now at a Vault Top 2 law firm (now #1!).  Her first-semester transcript is a thing of beauty (3.92!!!):

U Texas transcript


University of Utah School of Law:

  • THE SELF-DEPRECATOR (KTCOOLS).  Anonymous, Class of 2018, got top grades at University of Utah despite his painful modesty – he did this despite claiming to be of “average intelligence” (look at his letter AND his transcript – 3.813!):

Utah JD 2018

Utah JD 2018 transcript

Washington University School of Law:

  • THE TRANSFERRER (TUTORING CANDIDATE).  EP, Class of 2016 (congrats!) was in the top 6% of his class at Wash U and transferred to University of Chicago.  He just took the bar and is headed to his BigLaw job in New York, the job he dreamed of since heading to law school!

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