Why are law school exams so damned hard?

(Above: stock photo of a law student freaking out.)

In short: (1) the CURVE and (2) Profs HIDE THE BALL.

You know that good grades are everything in law school.

And, in turn, your grades depend 100% on your final exams.

No midterms. No do-overs. No extra credit.

Still, because of the curve, and because profs hide the ball,
most students screw up their law school exams.

Even “good students.”

Actually, especially “good students!”

So what do you do?

Hey. I’m Larry Law Law.

For over 13 years, I have taught literally thousands of law students to write kick-ass law school exams.

I teach a unique set of methods, based on my years of tutoring T14 law students to top grades.

I’ve put these methods together to give students who can’t afford one-on-one tutoring their absolute best shot at top grades and law school success.

(And many do get very good grades. See testimonials here.)

These grades give my students a shot at top jobs and stellar legal careers.

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