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Law School and Parental Pride: My Dad and My Business Cards

By Larry Law Law | May 9, 2016 | 0 Comments

It may be weird, just after Mother’s Day, to write about my Dad. But I’m gonna write about Daddy. (After Father’s Day, I’ll write about Mom.) I used to tell a story — even in these pages — that I thought was funny about my Dad. He used to hand out my business card to complete strangers playing poker at a casino. (He may still, for all I know.) I always joked about an expected a midnight call from a complete stranger, going like this:   Complete Stranger: “Hi, Larry? Complete Stranger here. Your Dad says you’re a fancy pants…

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Law school success, immigrants, and the American Dream

By Larry Law Law | Feb 17, 2016 | 1 Comment

A change of pace today. A lot of Larry Law Law is about how  — how to kill it in law school, become a great lawyer, etc. But this post is about why, and weirdly, wherefrom. (Yes, I just made up a word.  Put that in the Dictionary of Modern Usage, Bryan Garner!) I like to think that Larry Law Law is about more than just law school and legal careers and what not. I like to think that this site is a bit about the American Dream as well, and how each of us can help improve — ourselves and others —…

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If Your Law School Grades Sucked, You Must Face Vader

By Larry Law Law | Feb 8, 2016 | 0 Comments

Short TL;DR version: If your law school grades sucked, even if it makes your upper or lower GI tracts quiver a bit, you must face your law professors for feedback on your final exams. That’s it. Now, the longer version for people who as kids would have done well in the Stanford Marshmallow Test: As I write this, it’s cold.  Where I am.  And in most places where you are reading this. (Or what passes for cold if you go to law school in California or Arizona.  Or Texas or Florida…). And maybe you feel . . . terrible.  And that’s…

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Rainbow vomit, violent ejaculation, and law professor advice (original version)

By Larry Law Law | Jan 11, 2016 | 2 Comments

Larry’s Note:  As I mentioned before, the following piece was originally scheduled to be published in Above The Law.  Ultimately they published only half of it, as they had a problem with some content (which was, I admit, a bit over the top).  So what follows is a complete version of the text I had written (they only published part 1 of the 2 pieces I sent, ghosting me after that).   This is not original text as I’ve scrubbed it a bit since I sent it ATL.  I took out some (not all) of the profanity (who says I…

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Law professor advice to students is stupid, Part 1

By Larry Law Law | Nov 20, 2015 | 2 Comments

    It seems like many law professors think their job is a giant act of tough love rather than TEACHING. Exhibit A:  here’s a line from a recent article in the Journal of Legal Education: “This article accepts the now-common assertion . . . that law professors should make explicit the analytical skills their students must learn.” Okay, let us unpack that: The authors appear to feel they are accepting a controversial idea:  that law profs should teach the skills they want students to know. This idea is only a “now-common” assertion?  Meaning, only recently did some law professors accept this idea. Also:  this…

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You would KILL IT in law school IF . . .

By Larry Law Law | Jul 30, 2015 | 0 Comments

. . . if I could convince you to focus on just one thing early in the semester in law school (and ideally earlier). And I am going to spend another long post and over 30 minutes of free video trying to convince you to do this one thing. But before I tell you what that one thing is, it’s all my fault. I scattered your focus. I have given you advice on a bunch of different things, in three previous pieces: First, you’ve learned about the three pillars to law school success. Second, you’ve learned what not to do in law…

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Iron Chef and the Law: Recipes & Ingredients Are Like Claims & Elements

By Larry Law Law | Jul 25, 2015 | 0 Comments

So previously, we discussed (1) an overall strategy for how to do well law school and (2) what NOT to do in law school. I promised not to be so negative, but to tell you what you should do. This time — the third part of a five piece series — I focus on the first pillar to success: master the law. I have got a practical video on this below. (Yes, I did those awesome drawings myself.) Once you are done with the video, please read the below.  (It is different that what is in the video and, if anything, will make the video…

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“First Year They Scare You To Death:” Manage Fear and Protect Your Time In Law School

By Larry Law Law | Jul 9, 2015 | 0 Comments

Fear. FEAR! (As embodied by the weirdo White Walker/Gandalf snowman guy above.  Or this guy.) Fear is the dominant emotion for many law students before and during your first year in law school. Law school is at least a bit scary.  Maybe a lot. Maybe you don’t want to admit it to others, but at least admit it to yourself. Fear isn’t so bad — it is an evolutionary response to perceived danger. But in law school, fear can hurt you.  You will waste time if you do not manage your fear and channel it properly. But you can. And…

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How To Ace A Law School Exam . . . While Drunk?

By Larry Law Law | Jul 1, 2015 | 0 Comments

Can you really ace a law school exam while drunk? Don’t be silly. Does this make sense:  “Drunk person + law school exam = A”? No, of course not.  THAT DOES NOT COMPUTE. But maybe an A-? Well…  that, at least, is possible. I know . . . because I did it. I got an A- on a constitutional law exam, a 72-hour take home exam. This despite the fact that I was drunk for basically the first 24 hours of the test, and horribly hung over the remaining 48 hours. How was this possible? I am not saying this to…

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