Law School Exam Tips: Structuring contracts exams and consideration as an issue

A short post today.

I want you to see the specific tactical advice I offer on Larry Law Law and in depth in my premium course Kick The Crap Out Of Law School.

Now, at this point, maybe you know nothing about law school exams, or contracts law.

No worries.

I just want you to see what my stuff is like.

Watch these two videos on how to take contracts law exams.

This first one is on how to structure a contracts law exam:

This second one is on how consideration is likely to appear, practically speaking as an issue on a law school exam:

Again, you don’t have to understand what I am saying completely at this point.

Just notice a couple of things about my videos (in comparison to other videos on law school, or even your prof’s lectures):

  • They are bite-sized.  I don’t do videos that are longer than 10 minutes.  You don’t want to watch something longer than 10 minutes.  Many of my videos are shorter than 5 minutes.   Do you want to sit through 40 minutes of talking talking talking?
  • They are visual.  Most of my videos are not pictures of me and my face just talking at your like Big Brother.   I write and and I draw and I scribble because I want you to see with your eyes what I am trying to say and what I am thinking.  I do not just read a script or page through a power point while droning on and on and on and on.  (On the other hand, I could probably use drawing lessons.)
  • They are relentlessly focused on the exam.  Note that my point — even if you still learn a bit of substantive law on the way– is not for me to tell you what contracts law is.  Instead, I am trying to focus you on how to apply contracts law on a contracts law exam.  Surprisingly, this is not what your law professors do, even though your entire grade depends on your ability to do this thing that they don’t tell you how to do.

Most importantly, before and during law school, you should be relentlessly focused on the final exam.

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